Organic Hay

Organic Hay

Keystone Farm hay consists of mixed grasses, orchard grass, alfalfa, clover and timothy. The nutrient management system uses natural manures and organically approved materials for fertilizer, and we utilize natural forms of pest control. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals. We monitor the quality through a regular forage testing program. Our hay is certified organic by a USDA approved agency.

We produce dry hay and wet hay. All hay is tested in a laboratory for forage quality including moisture content, crude protein (CP), acid detergent fiber (ADF), and neutral detergent fiber (NDF). The dry hay is stored in our barns and comes in 4 x 4 round bales that weigh approximately 600 pounds each.

Our certified organic hay is excellent for cattle or horses. Our customers include organic and conventional farmers. Pick-up on the farm can be arranged by appointment and we can assist with the loading. 

See and for more information on the benefits of organic hay.


Wet and dry hay are located in the picture above. 

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